Sea-Ramics Studio Of The Arts

Hi there and welcome to Sea-Ramics Studio of The Arts, Your one stop shop for all your artistic needs.  Whether your looking for custom order paintings or looking for someone who can paint on an old saw or a mirror you have laying around you have come to the right place.

Some of the things we offer here at Sea-Ramics include:

Traditional Ceramic Classes or Paint N Take Ceramics which is for the beginning​​​​ painter.  This class provides the student with the basic knowledge of painting bisqueware or fired clay.

Pottery Wheel Creations with all the fun of throwing mud and not getting in trouble for it.  You will learn to create, form, manipulate, cut and mold your very own piece of art, Along with that you will also learn to the process of cleaning your piece, applying designs on it, firing it in the kiln and also glaze painting the piece.

Pottery Classes where you will learn the techniques for Vessel Coiling and Free Form Vessel making.  This class is designed to allow freedom of expression in the creation of the piece, you will learn to paint glaze and seal your work for proper preservation.

Not only do you have the fun of the ceramics and pottery, but we also offer Fine Art classes as well including:

​​Oil Painting Classes that covers canvas preparation, painting techniques, perspective and more​​​​​​, make a beautiful landscape or still life to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

Acrylic Painting Classes that is nothing but fun, fun and more fun, this class provides more of a instant gratification for those of us who dont have alot of patience.  Each class will provide a different subject, or you can always bring in your own picture that you would like to paint.

As if all that was not enough to get you excited enough to come in and check us out we also offer a place to host your Church Groups, Social and Community Groups, Red Hat Society Groups, Card Clubs, Employee Groups/Clubs or heck even bring in your bible study group we have a place for everyone.

Ever consider having a children's birthday party at a art studio well we can do that too complete with a themed cake, beverages and balloons.  Maybe even Spider Man or Tinker Bell would even make a appreance.  The birthday child will also recieve a Caricature created just for them as a keepsake.​​​​​​

Caricature Sitting just like they do at the amusement park all without the amusement park price to go along with it.  Just call and set up a appointment today, or if you dont have the time to sit and be drawn, you can always bring in a picture you would like to have drawn and the artist can create it from that.

Here at Sea-Ramics we are very honored and proud to support our Military Men, Women and their Families wether it's active, reserve, retired or even veteran, we offer special pricing on art, painting and ceramics classes and caricature sitting.  They have proudly served our country and we believe it would be an honor to serve THEM.

Along with all our classes that we offer we also have retail items available to buy such as this painted mirror, we also offer homemade laundry detergant as well, along with homemade scarves, birth baths and bird feeders.